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Due to the demand from many clients wanting a quality economy dog food, we have decided to formulate the best possible food at the best price for the pet trade:

Scientifically Formulated
RAVI is scientifically formulated to supply your dog with all of the nutrients that it requires to promote bone strength, muscle tone, coat condition and general vitality and quality of life.

Free of Unnecessary Additives
RAVI is free of artificial colorants and flavouring.

Always Fresh

You can be rest assured that the bag you buy is as close to the manufacture date as possible.

High Digestibility and always Palatable, RAVI contains carefully selected, cooked ingredients that result in high digestibility and palatability.

It is these things that make us confident that no dog food will beat RAVI on a `value for money` basis and challenge you to give it try. You will not be disappointed.



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